General Pics of the Model Train Layout

Some of the photos Rob has provided show various buildings in Sherman’s Crossing. I have put some of these together to show how things are developing. Rob asks that you pardon the mess as it is a work in progress.

Kathryn’s Feed & Seed building is in place with signage. The little folks are beginning to purchase supplies there. It is named for one of our sisters.

Kathryn's Feed & Seed

Rob isn’t sure yet what Barbara will name the hospital. For the time being it has been dubbed “Hell’s Pass Hospital”. This photo shows the layout.

Hell's Pass Hospital

Rob attempted to repair some of the pavement done previously. He doesn’t like the results and may just remove it and “repave.

Attempt at road patching

The town’s gas station got paved under and Rob is ordering a light for the service bay which will simulate a welder being used.

Paving under gas station

Below are a few overview pics, to give a general idea of where some things are located in relation to each other.

Overview #1

Overview #2

Overview #3

3 Responses to “General Pics of the Model Train Layout”

  1. Bob Says:

    Looks like it’s coming along nicely. My question is why remove the patched road? I think it has a more realistic feel to it like that. You never see perfect roads, especially where I live.

  2. StanInIrvine Says:

    Thank you. I know Rob has many demands on his time, but the train room gets whatever time is left after painting and maintaining the farm. Either the artist is coming out in Rob’s work… can you say perfectionist… or he may decide to make the poor appearance of the road as part of the story. He has set up a scene for a crew to be working on the road and as bad as it looks, may justify leaving it as is.

  3. Jamie Passman Says:

    looking good. Did you build the buildings yourself or are they store bought?

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