An HO Scale Hospital For Sherman’s Crossing

With Barbara being a nurse, there had to be a hospital in her HO model train layout.  An old Southern town would have to have an older stone building for its medical center.  Thus was the Sherman’s Crossing Hospital brought to life.

Sherman's Crossing Hospital

The ER entryway was assembled from scrap materials Rob had lying around, in keeping with the low budget layout.

Any self respecting medical center today has to have a helicopter pad for lifeflight accessibility.  This provided a challenge for Rob, as the helipad had to be located on the roof of the old building.

Helipad on the roof.

Starting with a block of wood with holes drilled for 3mm LEDs, he covered it with a graphic he created in Photoshop.  The LEDs were glued in place from the back with a hot glue gun.  Organizing the wires and hiding them in the small internal area of the structure was a challenge, but the results speak for themselves.

Assembly of the helipad.

Still lacking is the elevator access to the roof.

Barbara is very pleased with the progress so far.  The citizens of this rough Southern railroad town now have access to the finest medical care the government can provide.