More HO Scale Rocks And An Orchard

Rob continues to apply tile mortar to cover the green foam used to form the hills and to create the appearance of rock. He had to remove the model railroad bridge temporarily to make it easier to sculpt the mortar. It’s tough to see, but the edge of the county fair can be observed on the right.

More rocky hillside

More rocky hillside

The same material was used on the rock walls lining the river and to cover the mountain in the vicinity of the old cabin.

More rocks with bridge removed

More rock around the river- bridge removed

Rock behind the old cabin

Rock behind the old cabin

Boys like to steal apples, even if the orchard is behind the church. To facilitate their actions, Rob added a trail from the church… and added an orchard while he was at it. I suppose the ladies at the church will find enough left to bake some apple pies for the county fair. Rob wonders if there is an Adam and Eve among the parishoners.

Train behind church with orchard

Trail and apple orchard

Apple orchard behind the church

Apple orchard

Rock Cliffs For The Model Train Layout

Once again Rob has utilized surplus materials from the house addition to add to the HO train layout. In this case, he has formed a barren rock outcropping from leftover tile setting compound.

Rocks Behind Town

Rocks behind the town

Still drying in these photos, the crags and crevices were made with a small putty knife while the compound was wet. After they dry, Rob and Barbara will touch them up with a bit of acrylic paint here and there. I like the way the tunnel portal was encased in the rock.

Rock cliff with tunnel portal

Rock cliff with tunnel portal.

Also seen is a first attempt at using grasses to create the impression of horse trails around this part of the farm, which overlooks the town below. If the barn looks a bit skewed, that’s because it is. Later, rob will level it with a bit of sheetrock compound.

Rock cliff, grasses, and horse trains

Rock cliffs, grasses, and Horse trails.

Lastly, and yet to be done, shrubbery and trees will be added as needed. This will produce a realistic farm scene for Barbara’s HO train layout. For their inspiration, Barbara and Rob live on a real farm.